The EMX end user interface lets you view your digital mail, forward it to other EMX users, mail it to
other associates of the enterprise, and place it in the Trash folder. To support these tasks, the EMX
end user interface (UI) lets you:

• Select your mailboxes — some users have group mailboxes in addition to their own:
— Inbox with First Class and Standard Class types of mail
— Sent mail with folders for Forward, Request, and Email
— Trash
The group mailboxes have the same types of folders as the individual mailboxes.
• Sort mail by class, date, and type.
• Search mail by Tracking ID.

Digital mail can be forwarded to other EMX users or emailed to individuals or group email addresses that are recognized in the enterprise MS Active Directory.

NOTE - EMX cannot send mail to addresses external to the enterprise.

The procedures in this section explain how to use the EMX End User interface.

6.1 Selecting Mail Folder

Figure 6. Mailbox Folder Selection Panel

To select a mail folder:

1. Using the Mailbox Selector, select the mailbox.

6.2 Selecting Mail Class

To select a mail class:

From the Inbox, select one of these:
— First Class
— Standard Class

Generally, you select First Class. You might not have Standard Class mail in your Inbox.
Only the selected class of mail appears in the Mailbox Folder Selector Panel.

6.3 Selecting Mail Categories In Sent Mail

You can view mail that you sent in these categories:
Sent by Forward
• Sent by Request
• Sent by Email

If there is mail in the selected category, the mail you select is displayed in the Document View Panel.
If there is no mail in the selected category, the message “No Content to Display” appears.

Sent by Forward

To select sent by forwarding to another user, select Forward. Only mail sent to other users appear
in the Mailbox Folder Selector Panel.

Sent by Request

To select mail sent by special request, select Request. The selected mail can be from any of these
• Delivery of physical original
• Rescan Document
Only mail sent by special request appears in the Mailbox Folder Selector Panel.

Sent by Email

To select sent by email, select Email. Only mail sent to company email users appear in the  Mailbox Folder Selector Panel.

6.4 Sorting Documents

Sorting the documents in your folders can help you find a particular document.

To sort documents:

 1. Click Sort by Selector.
2. Select the sorting option:
— Sort by Date: Reorders the Document List according to Document Delivery Date, with
the most recent date at the top.
To reverse the order, click Document Reorder.
— Sort by Type: Reorders the Document List according to First Class or Standard Class
mail. By default, First Class is at the top of the list.
— Sort by Group: Reorders the Document List in alphabetical order by Group. Currently,
there is only one Group.

6.5 Searching Documents

To search for a document:

1. Type the search criterion in the Search Text Field


You can search only by Tracking ID.
You may enter part of the Tracking ID. To be sure of a unique result, include the last digits of the ID in the search.

2. Click  (Search). The results are displayed.

6.6 Selecting Documents

This section provides instructions for selecting a document to open.


To select a document:
1. Click anywhere in the Document Identifier. The contents are displayed in the Document
View Panel.

6.7 Opening A Document

To open a document, select it. See Section 6.6 Selecting Documents, above.

6.8 Selecting Mail in the Trash Folder

To select documents in the Trash Folder:

1. Select the Trash Folder.
2. Select the document.

6.9 Emailing Documents

Documents can be emailed to any firm employee email account. To email a document:

1. Select the Document to email.




2. From the Menu Bar, select Email.
The Email Document window appears

3. Enter the recipient(s) email address(es).
To send the document to your own email account, select Email Self. You do not need to
enter the email address.


You may want to do this to be able to:
• Send the email to a recipient outside the company through your company email account.
• Retain the document longer than the EMX retention period.

To email to multiple recipients, enter multiple email addresses separated by commas.

4. Click Send.
The “Email Sent” message appears

6.10 Forwarding Documents

Documents can be forwarded only to EMX user accounts.

To forward a document:

1. Select the Document to forward.



2.From the Menu Bar, select Forward. The Forward Document window appears.

3.Enter the recipient’s email address.
   To forward to multiple recipients, enter multiple email addresses separated by commas.
4. Select Send. The document is forwarded to the recipient.


You may prefer to keep the document in the EMX system in order to maintain the document audit trail.
Another reason to keep the document in the EMX system may be to retain the ability to use secure forwarding and sharing of documents with other enterprise employees.

6.11 Moving Documents To The Trash



To move documents to the Trash folder:
1. Select an Inbox or Sent folder.
2. Select the Document to move to the trash folder.
3. From the Menu Bar, select Trash.


When the Trash folder is displayed in the Content Selection Panel, the Move to Inbox button replaces the Trash button.

6.12 Moving Documents From The Trash



 To move documents from the Trash folder:
1. Select the Trash folder.
2. Select the Document to move.
3. Select Move to Inbox.
The selected document disappears from the Trash folder.


The document is listed in the Inbox, but, since the document was already read, the Inbox document count stays the same.

The Move to Inbox button is replaced with the Trash button.

6.13 Printing Document Contents

To print documents:
1. In the Document Reader Tool Bar, click  , the Acrobat PDF printer icon.
2. Select the printer options.
3. Click OK.

6.14 Requesting Special Actions On A Document

These special actions can be requested on a document:
• Delivery of physical Original to receive the original paper document.
• Rescan Document to receive an electronic version of a rescanned original paper document
when the previous scan was defective.
• Wrong Addressee to send the document back because you received it in error.


The system rejects a special request for a document that had previously been submitted for a special request.


To request special actions on a document:
1. Select the desired document in the Inbox or Sent mail folder.
2. Select Request. The Request Document message appears:

3. Select one of these actions:
— To receive the original paper mail, select Delivery of physical Original.
— When the scanned image is not readable, select Rescan Document.
— When the mail does not belong to you, select Wrong Addressee.
4. Select Submit.




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