The Enterprise Digital Mail System (EMX) is an exchange for processing digitized US mail. Prior to EMX processing, physical mail is opened, tagged and scanned into a digital format in a secure mail facility. Optical character recognition software identifies the mail recipient and digitizes the text data. Every mail envelope is tagged with a unique Tracking ID that identifies the facility where the physical mail is processed and is assigned the current date and a unique numerical identifier. 

EMX uses routing information coded into the digital format of the mail to deliver the mail electronically to the appropriate individuals or mail groups. Recipients view the contents through the EMX End User Interface or via their company email account.

For mail that cannot be automatically assigned to an individual or mail group, the digital images are temporarily stored in a centralized storage repository accessible to EMX. Mail administration
employees review the digitized envelopes and contents through the EMX Research Mail User Interface, where they can determine the proper destination for each document and encode the mail so that it can be electronically sent to the appropriate recipient.

The EMX is a transitory system, meaning that it is used to send mail from one point to another. It
is not a storage system but works in conjunction with temporary storage repositories to enable
users to view and process digital documents. Documents requiring long term retention must be
stored in the appropriate firm approved repository.




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