CSV - A comma separated vector file. This is a text file with a heading record that identifies
the columns in your table. The remaining entries are the table row entries in each record. All entries are separated by commas.
A file of this form is easily converted to an Excel spreadsheet with the columns labeled according to the first record in the csv file and the remaining row entries allocated appropriately

Digital Document - A digital document is a scanned piece of US mail and comprises

• The front of the envelope
• The back of the envelope with its unique 21-character Tracking ID or data matrix barcode
• All contents that were contained in the envelope

Digital Mail - Electronic content created by scanning US mail

EMX - Enterprise Digital Mail System created to deliver inbound mail (First Class and Standard Class) in an electronic form to recipients within a firm

EMX End User UI - Web-based interface for end users to access and view digital mail delivered by the EMX

First Class Mail - A category of physical mail as defined by the United States Postal Service (USPS) including bills, statements of account, personal and business correspondence

Intended Recipient - Person or Group to whom the physical mail was addressed

MS Outlook / Outlook - Refers to Microsoft Outlook, the enterprise email system used by a majority of firms

PDF - Invented by Adobe Systems and perfected over 20 years, Portable Document Format (PDF) is now an open standard for electronic document exchange maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Retention Period - Digital mail is available through the EMX End User interface for a specified length of time, which is the retention period. This retention period applies even to a document that is placed subsequently in trash. The retention period starts on the Document Delivery Date.
Digital mail that has been read and is older than the retention period is physically deleted from the digital mail repository. Unread first class mail remains available.


• After the retention period:
       — Documents that have been read and are in an end user’s Inbox are deleted.
       — Documents that are in Trash are deleted.
• For unread first class mail, the owner and their manager will be notified of documents approaching the end of the retention period to ensure compliance of the firm.
• The number of days in the retention period can be revised upon request by a business unit to reflect a change in policy.

Scanned Document - Document scanned into a PDF by Mail Room Services using a document scanning machine

Standard Mail - A category of physical mail as defined by the USPS including advertisements, circulars, magazines, catalogs, flyers, bulletins and newsletters.

UI - User Interface

URL - A Uniform Resource Locator, an Internet address

USPS - United States Postal Service




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