What is the Tracking ID ?

All scanned mail pdf files are named using the EMX Enterprise defined 21-character tracking ID, for example, NYC20160715FCML001953.pdf.

The Tracking ID Identifies the original physical mail and is used for storage and retrieval purposes,
and to track the processing of the digitized document. The 21-character alphanumeric values that
appear in the reports are Tracking IDs.

Each document has the 21-character Tracking ID printed on the back of every envelope during the
scanning process.

The Tracking ID comprises:

Position 1-3  -> Represent the mail processing location, for example, NYC
Positions 4-11 -> Processing date, in format YYYYMMDD
Positions 12-15 ->  Unique four-character retention identifier
Positions 16-21 -> Sequential processing number 000001-999999 which helps Mail Services to store and retrieve physical mail.




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