Document Selection Panel

           Figure 2. Document Selection Panel

Selecting a document displays the contents in the Document Viewer.

This table describes the controls available to the user:

Inbox Inbox Selector. Click to select:

• Inbox(default)
• Trash

Sort By DateSort By Date. Mailbox Sorter.
Clicking provides a list of options:

• Sort By Date: Reorders the Inbox Content according to Document Delivery Date
• Sort By Type: Reorders the Inbox Content according to First Class or Second Class mail
• Sort By Group: Reorders the Inbox Content according to recipient Document Group. Currently, there is only one group (Mail).

Document Identifier - The Document Identifier comprises:

• The Tracking ID
• The Document Delivery Date
It is also a link. Clicking within this field selects the document and displays it in the Document View Panel.
This link allows selecting and opening a document for viewing in the Document View Panel.

Move to Trash - Move to Trash Button. Provides option to move a selected document(s) to Trash.

Load More... - Load More button. Provides option to fetch more mail documents into the
queue for Research Mail.


The Inbox contains documents that need to be routed to the appropriate individual or mail group. Any authorized Research Mail user can open and route any of the documents that are in the Inbox.


Multiple users can employ the Research Mail User Interface simultaneously to process documents.


The purpose of the Trash is to provide a mechanism for removing documents from the Inbox.
The user cannot empty the Trash. A document remains in the Trash until the document retention
period expires. Upon expiration, EMX removes the document from the system. For more information about the retention period, see Retention Period, page .

Tracking ID

See Note on Tracking ID, page 9.

Document Delivery Date

The Document Delivery Date identifies when a scanned document became available to the Research Mail UI.

The Document Delivery Date follows the document through all processing actions, including
moving the document to the Trash, and routing the document to an individual or mail group. It is expected that EMX users process a digital document on the day that it is received. The date format is DD MM YYYY hh:mm (Day Month Year hour:minute).


Documents that arrive in the Inbox are kept for a pre-determined retention period.
This retention period applies even to a document that is placed subsequently in the Trash Folder.




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