Here are some of the key points to the digital mail process:

  1. Mail from each scanning destination is scanned into a separate queue with specific administrators entitled to review each individual location-based queue.
  2. Based on volume, one or more administrators may process the same queue at the same time.
  3. Administrators do not need to be in the same physical locations as the mail and other administrators.
  4. Based on administrator judgment and predefined rules, mail may be sent to one or more groups or individuals.
  5. It is expected that all research queues are completely processed each day.
  6. Every item of mail that arrives in Research Mail is kept for the duration of the retention period even if it is sent to the Trash Folder.
  7. When a document is opened by one user, other users are locked out.

The procedures in this chapter explain how to use the EMX Research Mail interface and deals with selecting documents and sending them to recipients.




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