The center of the workspace contains the Document View Panel, which displays each document
that the user selects:

Figure 3. Document View Panel

This panel provides two buttons that enable the user to assign routing information for documents
that are missing these values:
Document Group: The only current Document Group is Mail Group as of the time of this writing.
Document Type: Identifies the class of mail:
− First Class
− Standard Mail

The panel also displays the Tracking ID. For more information on Tracking ID, see Tracking ID, page 9.

The remaining controls in the Document View Panel are based on Acrobat Reader, the commonly
used viewer for PDF documents when using Firefox:

This table explains most of the controls:

 - Selecting this object opens a panel of thumb nail views of pages in a selected mail item in the Document Viewer. This enables skipping to particular pages in the mail item the user wants to examine. Selecting this a second time closes the panel.

 -Text search tool in the Document Viewer.

 - Indicates the mail item page that is open for viewing in the Document Viewer.

 - In the Document Viewer, there are three tools for controlling the image size of the viewed item. “+” increases image size when clicked. “–“ decreases image size
when clicked.
Clicking 100% opens a list of selections for specific image sizes.

 - In the Document Viewer, provides a list of selections for specific image sizes.

 - In the Document Viewer, lets the user print the selected mail item.

 - Lets the user open the selected mail item in a PDF reader.

 - Lets the user open the selected document in a separate browser window which  displays the document at any size the monitor can support.

 - Clicking this button provides these Acrobat Reader options:






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