This panel helps the user select one or more recipients for each document that they research. The
Individuals, the Groups, and the * (Favorites) tabs are called the Recipients tabs. The user selects the recipients of a document from these tabs.
By default, the Individuals tab is the first tab that is open.
The bottom of the tab displays the number of selected individuals. To display a list of all selected
recipients, the user may need to move the Slider Bar up.
The individuals and groups listed in the Individuals and Groups tabs consist only of those individuals and groups that are listed in the corporate directory and are entitled to use EMX.


                            Figure 1. Recipient Selection Panel

Individuals Tab

This tab lists individuals who are firm employees or contractors. Only recipients with internal IDs
are listed.


Documents cannot be sent through EMX to external email IDs.

Groups Tab

The Groups Tab lists all the groups that are authorized to receive mail.


The groups are pre-defined in the corporate LDAP with a firm defined prefix.

* (Favorites) Tab

The * (Favorites) tab, located next to the Individuals and Group tabs, displays a list of the individuals and groups the user flagged as the most frequently selected recipients for mail. They remain favorites until the user removes them.

List of Selected Recipients

The bottom of this panel lists the selected recipients and their count. The slider lets you view the
selected recipients

Controls in this Panel

This table describes the controls available in this panel:

 - Search Text Field. Used to select document recipients. Enter in this text field the search criteria. Search criteria:

• Include the full or a partial ID or name of individuals or groups defined in the
enterprise’s Microsoft (MS) Active Directory.
Searching on only part of a name can yield results that appear in the panel.

 - Search Button.This button enables the user to search for a specific individual or group in the Recipients tabs. The search criteria are entered in the Search Text Field.

 - Favorite Selectors. When this control  appears next to

• An individual in the Individuals Tab
• A group in the Groups Tab

it gives the user the option to make that individual or group a favorite by clicking .
When this control  appears in the Favorites tab, the user can remove the favorite status of an adjacent individual or group by clicking .

Load More - This option allows you to list more recipients in the Recipient Selection Panel.

Slider Bar - This bar lets the user increase the area under the tabs of the Recipients Selector so that they can display the selected recipients in the List of Selected Recipients.

... -> Moving this symbol above the Slider Bar displays the individuals who were




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