To process mail in the Rescan queue, select the Rescan Tab. The Rescan Window appears.

                             Figure 8. Rescan Window


The first mail automatically opens in the Document View Panel.
Option: Select a different mail in the Document Selection Panel.

If the document in the Document View Panel is locked, it is recommended to not process it. To
process it anyway, unlock the document: Click Unlock.
1.Use the date in the Tracking ID to determine if the original physical mail is still onsite.

2.If the mail for this date is onsite, then request from an associate in the mail room to scan the
physical mail document again.
3.If you are notified that the rescan succeeded, click Rescan Sent.
The requestor receives an email that the physical mail was rescanned. The rescanned mail reappears
in the requestor’s user interface.

If you determine that the physical mail is no longer onsite:
1. Click Rescan Unavailable.
The requestor receives an email indicating that the rescan could not be performed.
• Click Show Audit.

This action displays the Audit Trail Report, which lists the previous recipients of this mail. The Hide
Audit button  appears.
1) To close the Audit Trail Report window, click Hide Audit.
• Click Move to Trash.




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