Administrator User Interface

The Administrator User Interface (UI) serves primarily to assist mail administration employees to
monitor the workload of the EMX Enterprise system.

The Administrator User Interface uses EMX Enterprise Core Reporting, which provides:
• The data required to ensure that all mail has been successfully processed and delivered daily.
• Information about ‘aged’ mail, which is digital mail that has been delivered to an end user UI
but remains unopened for longer than a variable user provided number of days. You can specify
the number of days for the aging criterion.
• Daily mail volume data to properly staff and identify required work effort.
• Data on digital mail exception processing to identify patterns that may require fine tuning of
daily mail operations or identify potential issues. Exceptions consist of:

− Readdressed mail
− Retrieved mail
− Rescanned mail

• The number of employees that have received digital mail via email and/or accessed the EMX
Enterprise Research Mail, End User or Search Query UIs.

It has two tabs:

• Search Tab, page
• Reports Tab, page

Figure 1. Administrator Window




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