Search Tab

Selecting the Search Tab opens the Search Window.

    Figure 1. Search Window

Through this window, EMX Enterprise allows you to search through the mail by user ID – including email addresses, group ID, and by Tracking ID – which identifies individual mail documents. The documents are physical mail converted into electronic documents and processed by EMX Enterprise, which creates audit trail records of the mail documents.

You can display the documents that you find, forward them to other users, and export them as
PDF files.

EMX Enterprise enables you to:

• Display audit trail records of the mails.
• Print audit records of the mails.
• Export audit records of individual mail documents to Excel by way of CSV files.
• Export audit records of multiple mail documents to Excel by way of CSV files.

EMX Enterprise also lets you audit the use of the mail by employees.

The selected mail documents appear in the Document list within the Search Results Panel.
You can further select to view a selected document or its audit trail in the Details Display.
In the Details Display, you can further select to forward a document or print it.

You can export an audit trail to a csv file on your desk top.




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