To Open a Document’s Audit Trail Report

The Audit Trail Report displays these data:

• Date and time
• Action – what was done with the document, for example, Content Read By Consumer
• Initiator – who performed the action
• Recipient – who received the document

All the initiators and recipients of the mail are listed.

1. To display the actions performed with a selected document, click Audit.
2. Select the mail document:

  • Click its row.
  •  Select its checkbox .

3. Click Audit
4. The audit trail is displayed in the Details Display.

These data are displayed in the Document Display Area.

To Forward the Audit Trail

1. Click  . The Forward Document window appears:

2. Type the recipient’s name, or part of a name. The recipient’s email appears.
3. Click Send. The “Message Forwarded” message appears.

To Export the Audit Trail

This option requires using the checkbox to select the mail document. See To Display Document
Contents, page .
1. Click  .The Export Document Information window appears.

2. Select one of these choices:

  • Document and Audit Trail (CSV)

This option creates a PDF copy of the document and a csv version of the audit trail in a zipped file.
a) Save the zip file to a computer location that you choose.
b) Extract the zip file to a computer location that you choose
c) Convert the csv, which has the audit trail, to Excel.
The audit trail has the same column layout as in the Audit trail only option.

  • Audit trail only

This option creates a csv with the same information as in the Audit display.

a) Save as an Excel file.

b) Document Only (PDF)

This option creates a PDF copy of the electronic version of the document.




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