Aged Digital Mail Detail Report

1. To select the Aged Digital Mail Detail Report, click Aged Digital Mail Detail Report in the Report Name field.
2. For the aging criterion, type a number between 10 and 100 to select the number of days in the
Min. Days Aged field.

The default is 10. To select the default, do not type.

3. Click Submit.
4. Select one of these options:

  • Open
  • Save

The report is saved as an Excel workbook.

The EMX-Aged-Digital-Mail-<identifier>.csv file appears as Read Only in Microsoft Excel. The <identifier>field consists of:

• Positions 1-8: Processing date, in format YYYYMMDD
• Positions 9-17: Sequential processing number 000001-999999

You have to save it with your own file name on your computer. This is an opportunity to save it as
an Excel workbook.

The columns in your report are:
• Run Date

The date the report was executed.
• Min. days Aged

The aging period you selected
• Employee Id

The SID of the employee who received the mail.
• Dept Id

The ID of the department that received the mail.
• Recipient’s email address
• # of mails

Number of emails
• Average age of unopened mail



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  • David Thompson

    Currently lacking ability to choose 1 day when utilizing this report..


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