Exception Requests by User Report

1. To select the Exception Requests by User Report, click Exception Requests by User Report.
2. Select the location from the Location Name field:

  • All
  • From the List of individual locations

3. Click the Start Date field to select the start date of the report.
4. Select the end date of the report from the End Date field. The default is the day before today
and is the last available date for the report.

Note: The Min. Days Aged option is marked not available (“n/a”).

5. Click Submit.
6. Select one of these:

  • Open

You have to save it with your own file name on your computer. This is an opportunity to save it as
an Excel workbook.

  • Save

The report is saved as an Excel workbook.

The columns in your report are:

• Location
The location you selected. This can be every location if you selected ALL, or only the one location
that you selected.

• Start Date
The earliest date covered by the report. This is the date you selected.

• End Date
The last date covered by the report. This is the date you selected.

• Request Type
The type of exception request, for example:

− Rescan Requested for Content
− Wrong Addressee
− Physical Copy Requested

• Employee Id
The ID of the employee making the request.

• Dept. Id
ID, if any, identifying the employee’s department

• Requestor’s email address
The email address of the employee making the exception request

• Number of requests
The number of exception requests by employee and type




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