Report Tab

    Figure 1. Reports Window

The Administrator User Interface uses EMX Enterprise Core Reporting and enables you to view statistics on the performance of your system. The Reports Tab opens a window that enables access
to six (6) reports:

Aged Digital Mail Detail Report – autogenerated report to a group specified by your firm:
This report provides information about “aged” mail, which is digital mail that has been delivered to
an End User Email UI but remains unopened for longer than a variable user provided number of
days. You can specify the number of days for the aging criterion.
This report is sent to a group address that you specify.


When a mail has been delivered via attachment, it is treated as 'opened' because the company email system does not provide information as to when or if a mail is opened.
In addition, the mail document pdf is attached to the company email to make it available
to the recipient until they delete the email.

EMX Seat Audit Report

This report provides a count of the employees receiving mail via their company email or End User
Email UI, and the number of employees that log into EMX Enterprise up to the last date specified
for the report.

• EMX Enterprise Users Report

For the date range you specify, this report is delivered in two parts:

− EMX Enterprise Users Detail Report

This report lists each user and their mail activity, for example:

o Content Read
o Research Mail Content read
o Initiated to company email

It also lists their last action with date, time, and the Tracking ID of their last mail.
o EMX Enterprise Summary Report
o This report provides a count of the user IDs that received mail via company email or
their company’s End User UI

o It also provides a count of the user IDs that logged into EMX Enterprise.

• Exception Requests by User Report
This report provides data on digital mail exception processing to identify patterns that may require
fine tuning of daily mail operations or identify potential issues, for example:

− Rescan requested for content
− Wrong addressee
− Physical copy requested for the mail

• Reconciliation Report – autogenerated report to a group specified by your firm:

This report provides the following count of mail documents:
− Total mail processed
− Automated delivery via company email
− Automated delivery via End User UI
− Assigned to company email via Research Mail
− Assigned to End User UI via Research Mail
− Unassigned in Research Mail
− Error Queue
− Unaccounted Mail

• Volume by Group Name Report

This report provides statistical data for mail received and processed by individual groups in the
These are a basic set of user-initiated reports that allow customers to have a window into their
digital mail processing environment and comprise data required to ensure that all mail has been
successfully processed and delivered daily. The daily mail volume data facilitates properly staffing
and identifying required work effort.
The user submitted reports are delivered in csv format to the report requestor's desktop, where
they convert the csv files to Excel.




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