EMX Seat Audit Report

1. To select the Aged Digital Mail Detail Report, click Aged Digital Mail Detail Report in the Report Name field.


This Location Name, Start Date and Min.Days Aged options are marked not
available (“n/a“)

2. Select the end date of the report from the End Date field. The default is today’s date. The last
available date is the day before today.

3. Click Submit.

A message announcing EMX-Seat-Audit-Report-<identifier>.csv appears where the <identifier> is as described as above, page .

4. Select

  • Open

You have to save it with your own file name on your computer. This is an opportunity to save it as
an Excel workbook.

  • Save

The report is saved as an Excel workbook.

The columns in your report are:

• Run Date
The date the report was executed.

• Start Date
The earliest date covered by the report.

• End Date
The last date covered by the report. This is the date you selected. The default is the day before
today, which is the last day available for reports.

• Unique user id’s receiving mail via company email
Number of unique user id’s receiving mail via company email

Unique user id’s logging into EMX enterprise
Number of unique user Id’s logging into EMX Enterprise

Total unique user id’s
Total of the entries in the previous two columns

Layout of the Report Name

The name of the csv report file is EMX-Seat-Audit-Report-<identifier>.csv

The <identifier> field consists of:
• Positions 1-8: Processing date, in format YYYYMMDD
• Positions 9-17: Sequential processing number 000001-999999




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